Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Profile of a Lad

An easy-to-get-along-with person
full of talents, there are a lot to mention
a boastful person then with no reason
but was told about it so he learned his lesson.

A person who easily loses his patience
and acts it out with no pretense
yet this las is a man with sense
can be heard now and later on in deep silence.

This guy easily gets angry
though there's nothing to worry
'coz afterwards he'll be sorry
and gives forgiveness so easily.

A man who appears tough and strong
yet a glimpse of gentleness within is known
to a simple but elegant lass, his heart is blown
a lucky one she must be, that he will own.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mind if I ask?

Are your thoughts on me
Is your mind drifting on me
Does your interests retain on me
Does your attention remain only of me
Would you stay in love with me
Would you care about me
Mind if I ask all these?
I'd just have to let out all my fears.
I hope, to you, it's fine
Just want to express this love of mine
Fearing that I might lose you,
that would really leave me feeling blue...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


You came into my life
Taking part in my daily journey
I've noticed you since then
But for you, I was just a nobody
As time passes through
You mean more to me
And to my astonishment,
I mean something to you too!
Or so I thought...
Something's building up then
As we frequently see each other
My feelings getting closer
To the trap, I feared never existed
Then it came to pass
You confess your love to me
Oh, it was music to my ears!
But away from my knowledge
It already created a wound
Deep down in my heart.
You were honest to me
And I appreciated it much
You told me something...
That so confused me
I thought I mean more to you
Thank anybody could ever know?
What then did you mean
You'd go away from us both?
Since then I had doubts
Do you really love me?
Or was it just a dream
That I'd better wake up
Before it digs up a hole
Right down to my heart's deepest core.
Life isn't fair!
It gives me someone so dear
Then it gets it back
When I've fallen enough
Guess I'll just have to give way
Though it means the pain shall stay
I'll just have to let go
To set you free, is what I know.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I profane with my placid dream:
we're walking abreast the shore
our feelings as deep as the ocean floor

Strolling with each of our foot bare,
with the water come rushing to caress
our feet and its sand so flawless.

The sky now turning to orange
the bright sun taking its place
yet the world seems slow in its pace.

On rocks we sat
content with our arms entwine
enjoying the moment without saying a line.

All in the setting so tranquil
just the sea, ever so serene, I crave
with the brushing sound of its waves.

The fresh air passing our way
along with its natural scent
how great He is! for all these He have lent

Wishing this will last forever...
yet suddenly I thought, this is just a dream,
a fascination, real as it may seem.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sense and Sensibility

I've known you long enough
But just some pieces of stuff
Though you're miles away
Here in my heart, you stay.

You know me, I know you
My dreams, will they ever come true?
Could you be thinking of me too
The way I think about you?

My feeling for you, I've known so long
Yet I thought it's all been gone
But since we last saw each other
Thoughts of you, I just can't get over.

Old sensations keep creeping back
In my heart they knock
I gladly opened the door
Right to the deepest of all core.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Garden

Amidst all the bushes
Lies a beautiful garden
With a pond that's full of fishes
All has put me in an enchantment.

A variety of flowers around
With every touch of colour
Man will surely abound-
Himself in a state of favor.

Flocks of birds like to stay
In the garden with its growing trees
Time stood still, as if you're away
In a world so tranquil, so peace.

There are benches for you to sit
Or would you like to sit on the grasses
Where you may rest your feet
Butterfly touching as it passes.

There's one that's almost forgotten!
A swing with its rope tied on trees
Where a man may play with his maiden
And push the rope with ease.

One would want to enamor
This garden full of wonder
A paradise without a sense of pallor
All is bounty, all is beautiful!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Am I so?

Am I so...

that you have a feeling
for me and no less?

that you could see me
look at me as more than friends?

that I could not want less-
than you, could ever be?

that I approved of your reasons
which even asks myself for doing so?

that I could have you
in no sooner than I thought?

I hope not.